The proposition SMSMyBus as a service

The text messaging service has been supported out of my own pocket. And that doesn't scale. But the text messaging service has proven to be a great tool for the Madison community so I want to make it available at a price that covers my costs and doesn't make me rich.

In the next few weeks, I will turn off the free service on the current phone number for anyone that has not paid. Once you pay, the service will be re-enabled for your phone number and real-time arrival estimates will flow again!

The cost Your investment in us

The service will cost $2.00 per month. I will likely use PayPal and give you the option to pay on a monthly subscription basis. There will also be an option to pay for a full year at a discount - $20 per year.

Your subscription will give you an unlimited number of requests and I'll trust that you don't abuse the system.

The commitment Our investment in your experience

I want to make this an even better service and will commit to you that I will improve it. I will commit to you - a paying user - the following improvements:

  • Implement bookmarking so you can make requests like "home" and "work" to simplify finding the buses you ride most often.
  • Implement statistics so you can query the system to see how often you use it.
  • Continuous improvements to make the service as fast and reliable as possible.
  • Implement Metro service announcements to keep you informed when ther are detours and service interruptions.

Get started

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