A text messaging application that lets you find real time bus arrivals for the Madison Metro.

The tools Some of the tools in our toolbox

There are a variety of ways you can find your bus when you're on the go. All of these tools give you real-time arrival estimates based on the actual location of your bus. Simply send the stop ID (and optionally the route) to one of the following services.

To find a specific route at a stop,

Send route + stop

Example: Send 3 1101 to find the #3 bus at stop 1101:

To find all routes at a stop,

Send the stop number

Example: Send 1101 to find all buses at stop 1101

Text Messages 608.467.1603

Give it a spin. The first few requests are free!

Include your mobile number when paying and start using the service by sending requests to 608.467.1603!

Your mobile phone number

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Google Chat

Free! You can chat with the service just like a friend. Just send your request to in your favorite chat software and I'll help you find your bus.


Free! Don't like those other options? You can always use email! Just send your request to and I'll reply with the results.

Developers Are you a developer interested in building your own bus app?

The same tricks used for the text messaging tools are available in a programmable web interface. The API gives you access to all of the Metro data - including the real-time arrival estimates.

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